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The Challenge that we all have at one time or another is how to find the time and energy to make it to a work-out. We have been long time promoters for good health and fitness lifestyles. Our proven concepts are for the average person, the novice who wants assistance on how to stay healthy, get strong workouts we do this by showing how best to maneuver around the health club, gym and assist in selection process for the right food choices.

Fitness Healthy Lifestyles

Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains  your overall health, appearance and wellness. Workout routines are performed for diverse reasons; it’s always best to know the various options available for your own active lifestyle. Exercising can improve your mood, stamina and sex life. Learn how to perform every exercise the right way and eat with ease!

Reverse Bodgineering

Show Your Body - [re-vers bod-gi-neer-ing]
  1. Opposite of maturing too early in life, prolonging LONGEVITY.
  2. To consistently work on your PHYSIQUE, for your best appearance.
  3. Consuming your best choice of food and drink, NUTRITION observant.
  4. Being HEALTH conscious 7 days a week.


Awesome Guide! I highly recommend it.

7xFit – The Total Toned Body Workout

It is great idea for the front counter so people can use it as a reference. T. O. Clearwater Gym Clearwater, FL

7xFit – The Total Toned Body Workout

This is great! Good going, excellent illustrations. Hector & Elisas’ Health Club Tampa, FL
7xFit – The Total Toned Body Workout


7xFit's mission is a total fitness concept which utilizes a results-oriented, cost-effective and enjoyable program. 7xFit enables changes to your body, let’s you strive to live longer; and improve how you feel about yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 7xFit provides the necessary workout routines for fitness excellence with how-to exercise instructions with the following: effective ways to work out; workout routines, AB workout, exercise routines, weight training workout, gym workouts, how to do body-building, gym exercises, health club exercises, and home gym workout routines. We also provide recipes for smoothies and juice recipes for juicing machines. We educate you on how to shop for naturally grown valued foods, known as Super Foods. We have information documented by leading, prominent doctors and scientists concerning natural supplements, non GMO, and 5 Step Animal Welfare Rating (Whole Foods Rating Solution. This information may help you improve your health, and it can enhance your Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness for your ultimate fitness results.