Know Your Individual Daily Minimum Nutritional Requirements

The biggest challenge for all of us is knowing how much is too much and how little we know what we might not be consuming.

Below is one of the best health and fitness calculators that you will find. The health tool immediately reports back your results on your Daily Calories and Nutritional Values. It gets you started in the right direction and allows you to enhance your understanding on where you stand on your nutritional facts.

This calculator estimates the number of calories that you burn during exercise. It provides the assessment by exercise routine, age, sex, weight, height, lifestyle, time spent working out, and generates your calories burned from expenditure and exercise energy. The best part is that it lists your recommended daily intakes for individual nutrients and macronutrient requirements, and your (BMI) – Body Mass Index.

There is nothing like knowing where you stand on nutrition when you’re after optimum results.

Nutritional Facts and Daily Calories Calculator






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