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What a perfect visit I had to Channelside Bay, Downtown Tampa, Florida. I got to revisit the city that welcomes everyone from all over the world, and to pay my gratitude to a legend in the fitness health club business and meet the brothers who have succeeded to take a health club to the next level. In my opinion, these brothers manage one of the most exciting gym/health clubs in Florida (and even one of the most exciting in the many states that I have visited, which is well over 20).

Eddy Midyett | Roy Avila | Matt Midyett

Eddy Midyett | Roy Avila | Matt Midyett

Working out – what does this really mean? Some go to work and simply get things done. Others play hard when they are on vacation. A few hike to reach an end-point. Adventurers even travel to say they have seen it all. Most of us work hard to play hard. What gives with some of the health club owners?

Over the years I have visited 200 plus gym/health clubs, and my expectations when I visit a gym or fitness health club often end in disappointment. This is not so with the well thought out club called Tampa Bay Powerhouse. Allow me to clarify: it’s not just about the name “Powerhouse,” but it’s also about these three brothers. They first caught my attention when I heard that they shuttle visitors flying in from all over the world to their club to workout. When I looked into the Powerhouse franchise, quite honestly I said it was just another gym offering an entrepreneur the chance to enter the industry. What I actually found was that these three brothers didn’t just buy into a franchise, they had the vision to join into a franchise that allowed room for exploration in the imagination.

Because of their love and passion for the sport, they first realized and had the vision to invest in Tampa, Florida back in 2009 when no one was thinking about buying, and the majority were selling. They selected an area that wasn’t just around the corner, but where you needed to have the desire to drive to the destination. What I mean by that, is a place where you can experience and enjoy the ride. They made it very easy by having clear freeway for fast access and covered garage parking so you wouldn’t have any problems with the weather, or concerns about looking good before entering the club. It’s important to have style while performing.

Now for the club experience. As you walk in, you get a feeling that you have entered the right place. Everything just pops out at you. First are the smiles, the hellos, and hard bodies. Did I mention a Harley Davidson sitting there reminding you that you’re free to roam as an individual and have the power and drive to get things accomplished? As you walk to the locker rooms just around the corner, you pass bikers, runners, and lifters to pump you up. Then there are the photographs of champions hanging on the wall – well over one hundred elites that have visited, staring at you, giving you a push.

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The people who make up the health club is the most valuable aspect of any establishment; second is the equipment. These are the greatest assets for a successful health and fitness business. I have always said that if you have the right people promoting a health and fitness lifestyles, you’re ahead of the sport. Next is the layout and positioning of the fitness equipment. The design and layout is key to complete a workout routine. Some of the biggest complaints are that there isn’t enough equipment, not the right distance between the equipment, the uncleanliness of the environment, and the negative spirit and lack of excitement from the people working out, which is usually caused by negative visuals and poor choice of music playing in the background.

Hector Morales | Roy Avila

Hector Morales | Roy Avila

On the same day that I visited Tampa, Florida, I reconnected with Hector Morales at a little place called Havana. Some of you might not know him, but he’s one of those people that helped the fitness world succeed to the place as we know it today. Hector, who had been in the business for 50 plus years, just retired. His success was about giving his clients (he calls them customers opposed to clients) a clean environment and well-kept equipment with open hours for everyone to enjoy, along with motivation by sharing basic principles. Hector started me on my journey of using weights. Every time I visit, he reminds me of his longtime success and love for this sport, the people that he worked with, as well as his wife, Elisa, who ran the women’s side of the gym/health club.

Legendary fitness gym, home to Hulks, closes its doors
By Paul Guzzo | Tribune Staff

Iconic muscle gym closes after 40 years
By Laura Cone | The South Tampa News

This visit was very special because not only did I get to see my friend, who retired with smiles and a sense of enjoyment to have been in the business of bodybuilding, but I also got to meet and greet Matt Midyett and Eddy Midyett, two out of the three brothers who own/operate Tampa Bay Powerhouse. I had just missed John Sanguinetti, but will hopefully get to meet him next time. If only I could have taped Matt and Eddy! Even after 20 years in the business, they had excitement in their voice and their expressions were inspiring. Their vision to grow and seek new ideas to keep their members active is refreshing. Even though this club has some top bodybuilders, they do have an ear for alternative platforms (strength heavy power racks, title boxing heavy bags, jump ropes, multi-jungle, triple crossovers, Santa Monica Stairs and 200lbs dumbbells). You light up when you see the guys and gals doing it all. There’s excitement in the room and respect for the competitors is always welcome, and they often reciprocate by providing guidance and assistance.

In conclusion, Matt and Eddy were kind enough to allow me to take photos of their club so we can take a closer look at their design. Look at the high ceilings, color choices, large pillars, lounge area, open conference, and a sound system that electrifies.

This is one gym/health club that, if you’re in the area, join, or when you visit, give them a call. They would be more than happy to see that you get your workout.

Congratulations Hector Morales, Matt Midyett, Eddy Midyett, and John Sanguinetti! See you at the GYM.

Roy M. Avila
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Powerhouse Gym
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1120 E. Kennedy Blvd STE 129
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Phone: 813.229.1900
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