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306611_361529880585451_799684875_aI have been a long time promoter of good health and a happy lifestyle for the average person who wants assistance on how to maneuver around the health club, fitness guide maze, and better understand workout jargon.

It all started long ago when I was asked if I had a copy of all of the index cards that I use to display my workouts. Wow, index cards, how times have changed. I meant to say, iPad mini.

Those who knew me across the country noticed the variety of exercises helped me with my enthusiasm for working out. This led me to create the vast variety of exercises, which was appreciated by many in and out of the industry. Through my energies and enthusiasm, I am presenting you with this Fitness Guide/Weight Training Guide which will allow you to look and feel outstanding.

This Fitness Guide is targeted to anyone who has ever contemplated the notion of getting into shape. With my background in technology, I created my first (and still in circulation) 7xFIT Total Toned Body Workout (A Systematized Personal Training Fitness Guide).

I sincerely appreciate my family, friends, and associates for their support. In addition, my hat goes off to the various gym owners who have assisted me in enhancing my life through bodybuilding.

Roy M. Avila
Author – 7xFIT – Total Toned Body Workout
A Systematized Personal Training Fitness Guide

Over 25 Years Life Long User
Personal Trainer – Group Exercise (IFA) Certified
Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition – T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell
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“Excellent diversity of exercises, with a systematic training program, and an efficient recording protocol – A great contribution to the profession. ” W. W. National Fitness Coordinator Quincy, MA

“Great idea! Lots of good information.” R. F. World Gym – Venice, CA

“This is great! Good going, excellent illustrations.” Hector Morales Hector & Elisas’ Health Club Tampa, FL

“GREAT! I had hoped that someone would have done this.” B. K. Westcoast Fitness Center Pinellas Park, FL

“I think this is very useful for the continuous support of my clients” P. P. Florida Orthopedic Associates St. Petersburg, FL

“Like to add it to our Fitness and Health programs.” W. G. Olympus Gym, Clearwater, FL “It is a great idea for the front counter so people can use it as a reference.” T. O. Clearwater Gym Clearwater, FL

“My members love it and use it.” G. S. Bodies USA St. Petersburg, FL

“It is a great idea for the front counter so people can use it as a reference.” T. O. Clearwater Gym Clearwater, FL