This Exercise Guide is For You

Are you trying to lose fat and gain muscle? Do you want to have more energy? Is your goal to look and feel great? Did you know that a routine of exercise can improve your body and mental health? Would you like to receive the advice of a personal trainer? Then our exercise guide is what you’re looking for. Are you needing assistance with your home gym workout routine or health club exercises?


The Total Body Workout Guide is available in paperback  to carry around the health club, or in a digital format to use on your personal device like an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or computer.

guide_screenshotA Personal Training Fitness Guide with 250 total body exercises for 8 body parts, (written instructions and pictorial illustrations) 42 Pocket size routines – 18 Stretch Exercises – 61 Abdominal Exercises – 25 Back Exercises – 23 Biceps Exercises – 24 Chest Exercises – 23 Triceps Exercises – 30 Leg Exercises – 26 Shoulder Exercises – 6 Neck Exercises – 7 Calf Exercises – 7 Forearm Exercises – 56 Equipment Illustrations – 2 Complete Anatomy Charts – 7 Health and Nutrition Newsletters, Vitamin and Mineral Definition Charts, Chart your Weight, Measurement Charting Your Enthusiasm levels, comprehensive instructions and terminology for any home gym workout routine or health club exercises.

What better way to relieve stress than by pumping your body up? Do people like perfection? Yes! And the reason has to do with looks. It has been proven that if you look good, you feel great. You see bodies in motion, think fast, move smooth. Most people just react to situations. People who think of perfection act, think about it, and work things out.

To look great, all you need is body sculpting using weights and allowing that adrenaline to flow. Naturally, fitness training is so intense that through consistent workouts, even for a short period of time, it will improve and change skin texture.

7xFIT Total Toned Body Workout  – A Systematized Personal Training Fitness & Exercise Guide – 250 Total Body Exercises [Downloaded Digital ONLY] $6.95


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“It is a great idea for the front counter so people can use it as a reference.” T. O. Clearwater Gym Clearwater, FL