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Rebuilt The “Red Meat” by Impossible Foods

Creating Plant-Based Meats and Cheese “I’m a carnivore, I’m a proud carnivore, I love hamburgers but guilty of the calories” -most of America, maybe most of the world Impossible Foods  CEO and Founder by Dr. Patrick O. Brown Founded 2011 HQ Redwood City CA Total VC Funding $74 million to Series C Talking Points: Price

Group of different fruit and vegetables

The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables (Protectors)

The Power Of Fruits and Vegetables It all started from the need to get more protein without the beef or egg. Not to mention the different protein powder mixes available for us today. It just didn’t sit with me quite right. The more I thought about getting all that goodness into a capsule. Behold, I

Best Whole Food Plant Based Movies Top 9

15 Best Whole Food Plant-Based Films

The benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle can make you stronger and have more energy than ever. 7xFit believes that your body is worth the time, and you will be more qualified to know what your body needs to fuel itself. These documentary films will only encourage and support your healthy lifestyle. They will expose the highly


Beef Right Next Door Without Slaughtering

Introducing Cultured Beef The world faces critical food shortages in the near future as demand for meat is expected to increase by more than two-thirds, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Cultured Beef represents the crucial first step in finding a sustainable alternative to meat production… read more * For


Plant-Based Nutrition – Certificate

Plant Based Nutrition Program We are very excited to announce that Roy Avila has completed the Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, which happens to be the fast-growing global movement toward optimal nutrition and healthy living. The Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition encourages people from all walks of life, like medical and healing arts professionals, chefs, nutritionists, trainers, dietitians, therapists,


Compare Metabolic Laboratory Panels

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) screening test provides you with insight and expert recommendations to improve your health and fitness. Reviewing your results on a scheduled timeline helps you track your fitness lifestyle by measuring the effectiveness of actions that you’re taking to improve your health. To get your best workout results, you should know your CMP results or chemical screen (CMP;



What does it all mean, is it really all MARKETING? “0 fat,” “low fat,” “no fat,” “skim,” “fat free,” “1%, 2%, 99, 97, 98, 87, 81%,” or “nonfat,” “diet,” “sugar free,” “low calorie,” “lite,” “light,” “low carbs,” “lean.” Homogenized Dairy Products People say, “Well I drink low-fat milk or low-fat yogurt.” The fat has nothing


The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle – CHANGE

Stages of Change How does a person decide to change their health lifestyle; why do they even think about doing it? What are the benefits of such a change? The end-results, aren’t we all still very young, don’t we all die of something? Stages of CHANGE Pre-Contemplation – I think my pants are too tight


Foundation Training

Foundation Training Workout Relieve Pain, Improve Athletic Performance, and Prevent Injuries with one revolutionary program. How to do the Foundation Exercise to prevent chronic back pain. Dr. Mercola and Dr. Eric Goodman Demonstrate Exercises Awesome Review on Foundation Training Why should you get certified?  The experience and information you will receive in this intensive four-day certification will