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A Few Chosen Food Items

So you want to start a NEW FOOD Lifestyle, but you don’t know where to begin. A few Chosen Food Items I like to share with you. Just an offering, you don’t have to apply all, but it would be a wonderful start. If you’re going to go on any food lifestyle change, review “How To Read A

Group of different fruit and vegetables

The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables (Protectors)

The Power Of Fruits and Vegetables It all started from the need to get more protein without the beef or egg. Not to mention the different protein powder mixes available for us today. It just didn’t sit with me quite right. The more I thought about getting all that goodness into a capsule. Behold, I


Ketosis – Macronutrient – SARMS – Metformin – IRB

Ketogenic Diet and Keto-Adaptation with Dominic (Dom) D’Agostino, Ellen Davis and Jeff Volek Recently a friend mentioned Ketogenic to me and about a talk that Dom D’Agostino had with Tim Ferriss. He knew that I would look into the theory of “Ketosis” and found some interesting talks and concepts about Ketosis. I have to say, I’m still



What does it all mean, is it really all MARKETING? “0 fat,” “low fat,” “no fat,” “skim,” “fat free,” “1%, 2%, 99, 97, 98, 87, 81%,” or “nonfat,” “diet,” “sugar free,” “low calorie,” “lite,” “light,” “low carbs,” “lean.” Homogenized Dairy Products People say, “Well I drink low-fat milk or low-fat yogurt.” The fat has nothing


The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle – CHANGE

Stages of Change How does a person decide to change their health lifestyle; why do they even think about doing it? What are the benefits of such a change? The end-results, aren’t we all still very young, don’t we all die of something? Stages of CHANGE Pre-Contemplation – I think my pants are too tight

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How To Burn Fat

How To Burn Fat, The Vitamin C and Protein Theory VITAMIN C I have personally experienced that eating fruits high in Vitamin C are extremely helpful in burning fat. Vitamin C helps release fat from the body, which can also dilute fat cells, leaving them less powerful. My experience has me thinking that Vitamin C


Know Your Individual Daily Minimum Nutritional Requirements

The biggest challenge for all of us is knowing how much is too much and how little we know what we might not be consuming. Below is one of the best health and fitness calculators that you will find. The health tool immediately reports back your results on your Daily Calories and Nutritional Values. It

Fitness Food

Prominent Doctors and Leaders in Health and Fitness

The World According to the Best of the Best Welcome to the world of natural foods. This list of prominent doctors and leaders in health and fitness is just the beginning of how you can adapt to the way of life that I have embraced for no other reason than to maximize my fitness lifestyle. Over

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The Ethics and Ecology of Eating

The Right Food Choices Start At The Breakfast Table How to maximize your food experience and look leaner than ever before. Here’s how… Award-winning food writer, Michael Pollan, shows how we can become more mindful of what we eat, and how we can make food choices that are better for ourselves and our environment. Some


Health Calculators

Calculators that really matter to your health. Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator Body Fat Calculator Ideal Body Weight Calculator Calorie Count Calculator Credits and References: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention You can catch up on all of your nutritional needs, fitness routines and exercises by purchasing the 7xFIT Total Toned Body Workout (A