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7xFIT The Total Toned Body Workout (A Systematized Personal Training Fitness Guide – 250 Total Body Exercises) [Downloaded Digital ONLY] *SEE BELOW

7xFit THE TOTAL TONED BODY – Step By Step Fitness Guide (An 8.5 by 3.5 inch, 215 page, self contained fitness guide with hundreds of illustrations) 250 Total Body Exercises (written instructions and pictorial ILLUSTRATIONS) 42 Pocket size routines (10 systematized exercises with illustrations PER session, each the size of this coupon) 18 warm up/cool down stretches – 61 Abdominal exercises 56 EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORY ILLUSTRATION COMPLETE ANATOMY CHARTS – COMPREHENSIVE INSTRUCTIONS AND TERMINOLOGY

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    Alyssa Lauren – “I purchased, downloaded, uploaded and viewed the guide. It was so easy! Everything went so quickly, no delay at all. It was very self-explanatory and easy to maneuver. I immediately got a confirmation email reviewing the item purchased, which is always ideal. I actually think downloading it digitally made it easier to view than actually having the guide itself. I like the way it is presented when you open the file. I love that it is separated based on the part of the body you are looking to workout. Remember how I told you the book would benefit from having tabs placed in it to divide the sections? The downloaded version basically has that with the separated links. I like it so much better in digital format. It’s just 10x easier to use.” Wakefield, MA

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